About us

Let Us Tell You Our Story

Aqua-Hub Kenya Limited is a private limited company incorporated with an objective of general supplies mainly in Water Management, Soil Cultivation, Open field irrigation and Greenhouse construction materials.

Our Vision

Provision of advanced agricultural technologies to ensure a sustainable future for food.

Our Mission

Focus on socio-economic aspects of agriculture and food production by promoting climate resilient agriculture for sustainable livelihoods.

Core Values
  • Accountability
  • Innovative
  • Integrity
  • Reliability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aqua Hub Kenya Limited works on a guiding principle of ethical behavior and integrity in the communities where we work and we respect cultural believes national and religious diversity. Aqua Hub Kenya Limited helps in educating less privileged children in primary school.

Why Us

Aqua-hub Kenya is a private limited company incorporated with the aim of promoting agri-business through increased access to quality agri-technology services and materials. We specialize in supply of agri-technology materials and designing of tailor made and complex agricultural projects. A professional team with years of practical experience accompanies the projects from conceptualization through the projects realization to its full operation. Our innovative agri-technology products allow cultivation of various types of crops throughout the year. In terms of water management, we have the most innovative solutions for water storage, distribution and quality irrigation systems. Assisted by passionate and experienced agronomists with latest advanced agritechnologies we pride ourselves on the ability to offer our clients with full project development services and wide range of solutions for agricultural crop cultivation and water management. From our vast experience in advanced agri-technology and irrigation, our clients can enjoy our products for agricultural irrigation system. In our supply are various custom made solutions which include; installation kits for fertigation, irrigation and greenhouses. We also design irrigation kits for orchards and coffee plantations. Additionally, we offer water management systems designed according to customers’ requirement and needs.