What We Offer: Products


Driplines & Drip Accessories

Available in: Diameter 16mm Thickness 0.4mm Spacing 15cm, 20cm & 30cm Length 1000m & 1500m

Irrigation Pipes

Hdpe Pipes & Fittings

Hdpe pipes available in Pn 8, Pn 10, Pn 12 & Pn 16. Hdpe fiƫngs available in (1/2 “ - 4”) inches.

PVC Pipes & Fittings

(Available from 25mm to 63 mm) From PN6 To PN 12


Available in different types. (Micro-Sprinklers, pop-ups & Rain gun)

Agricultural Nets

Insect Nets

Available in different sizes and texture: 2.6m by 100m 3m by 50m 5.5mby 30m

Shade Nets

Available in, Color: Black & Green Length: 50m Width: 4m Shade Rate (50% to 95%) UV treated.

Bird Nets

Available in 5m by 50m Green in Colour

Poly Film


Geomembrane hdpe liner Black in Color Available in: 300 microns, 500 microns, 1000 microns. (0.3 mm, 0.5 mm & 1 mm respectively)

Mulching Papers

Available in, 25 microns ,60 microns & 80 microns

Greenhouse Covers

Available in different lengths and widths Color: Milky white, yellow green & clear. (200 microns)

Planting Bags

Available in different sizes

Silage Films

Available in different sizes and Microns

Propagation Set

Seedling Trays

Available in different cells (200 cells,160 cells,66 cells & 50 cells)

Coco peat

5-7kg Treated also available